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6/21/2016 5:43 AM

The Monster Munter/MB... aka: the Super Munter, The Uber Munter, and the Double Munter.  This Hitch skipped recess as a child because it does not play.  Holy Friction.  This hitch creates a ton of friction. 

You can plug the angles of contact into the Capstan - Belt Friction Equation to get an idea of your holding power (variables are your rope and carabiner).  I will mention that you will definitely need to use an HMS carabiner with this one, even if you are using a smaller diameter rope (7-8mm).  When we have played with this one, we have had two people as the load, and in one occasion also had a soaking wet rope...and still had to manually feed the rope at times to keep the load moving during a lower.  In many cases, it may be much easier to use the 1.5 Munter and a redirect, a double carabiner munter, or a Zuper Munter (for added friction) to control the descent of a heavy load. 

Remember that during most rescue situations and training we are using an aramid rope... important when using a hitch that produces quite a bit of friction.  Not for use in any belaying requirement (Lead or second) due to difficulty in feeding out or taking in.  Although we don’t use it much, it is another tool that may come in handy someday.

Element Rescue, Knot Series (10/07/2015)

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