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11/9/2016 2:47 AM

Continuing with the Munter theme... here is a common technique for tying off the munter.  This technique would typically be employed when lowering someone, and 1. they are performing work, i.e. a pick-off, or 2. there is a problem, and you need to go hands free from lowering to perform another task.  There are a bunch of different variations of the Munter-mule, but this will get you started.  After the slip knot portion, you can utilize a half hitch or a full safety.  Play with it and see what works best for you...some also just take the loop from the slip and clip it back into the carabiner.  We have found ourselves using the Monster Munter tie Off as of recent with great results…

Don’t put your finger in a Munter Hitch...And, if you do, and this happens...Don't say we didn't warn you.

Element Rescue, Knot Series (09/28/2015)

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