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11/9/2016 9:27 AM

The Rigging Bowline... We started this one by accident a few years ago.  Not sure if it was invented a while ago, or the specific background, but... we were short on webbing, and needed to rig a system to lower a rescuer then raise the casualty and rescuer.  We dig the Bowline as an anchor, but we were never fans of rigging inside the loop.  So we basically just tied a Yosemite Bowline with a bight instead of the terminal end.  We have utilized it with rope diameters between 7mm - 12.5mm, with great results.  With the rigging bight coming out the bowline bight, the hard angles of the knot are greatly decreased when it is weighted.  So if you find yourself depleted on webbing, try this one.  The next video will show a few rigging options.

Element Rescue, Rigging Series (09/14/2015)

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