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11/9/2016 2:37 AM

I suppose you could use this knot as a replacement for the Double Loop Figure 8 and / or the Double Bight Bowline (as an attachment point) ... but it doesn’t really get us too amped yet.  It’s easy to tie, easy to untie...but so are the alternatives.  Some studies show it marginally stronger in nylon 6,6 / nylon 6,6 ropes than the double bight bowline...but does that strength increase really make a difference for the loads and forces you are placing on to the rope?  Probably not.  So, we posted this more out of fun, but it may have application for those that are figure 8 dependent and wish to make the knot easier to untie after loading, although there are other techniques to accomplish that goal.

Element Rescue, Knot Series (11/18/2015)

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