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11/8/2016 1:31 AM

Sticking with our “Munter Series”, here is the One-Way Munter.  Pretty straight forward, can be used for quite a few applications, just realize there is some friction in it.  We have found that using carabiners with a wider rope bearing radius (9-10mm) like the BD Rock Lock or the  Rock Exotica Pirate, makes the rope movement thru the one way munter a bit smoother.  Also make sure before introducing the second carabiner (the block) that your munter is being pulled in the correct direction.  We have recently had good success with this while ascending (attached to your harness).  If you need to remove the blocking carabiner to transition into a descent, just stand up in your foot strap, taking weight off of the munter and remove blocking carabiner, bring up slack thru munter, hold a hard break or tie off into a munter-mule - remove foot strap and rope grab, then descend.

Element Rescue, Knot Series (2015)

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