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6/21/2016 5:43 AM

The Element Purcell Prusik (aka DEM Prusik)

Like many of you, we utilize the Purcell Prusik for a few applications, like an adjustable personal tether, certain anchor rigging configurations, attendant/casualty tether, friction hitch/rope grab, and periodically as an adjunct in load transfers. Recently we were running some scenarios and going as light as possible, while adding in layers of complexity.  During some of the knot passing, on both MA’s, lowers, and rappels we found ourselves using the Purcell a bunch.  While transferring loads we ran into a few various “grab” / “release” and limited “throw” issues.  We were playing with about every Purcell configuration we could think of from symmetric 2/2 & 3/3, various asymmetric prusik wraps, to frost knots, etc.  After we finished, we tried keeping the cord ends untied and integrating a French Braid.  We use the VT prusik quite a bit, and have done some load transfers with cordelette utilized as “Dog N‘ Tails” - so we felt like it may fit our requirement for a Purcell configuration. 

For how we were utilizing it operationally, it worked great and operated very consistently under various loads.  We do not include a figure 8, frost knot, or any bight knot at the end of the single loop...just because it limits our throw on certain techniques.  This may or may not meet your key performance parameters, but it’s working out great for our expanded uses.  We are going to try and get some testing done with T. Evans soon, so we will post when done.

Element Rescue, Knot Series (2015)

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