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3/6/2019 9:26 AM

Quick video on performing a knot pass while on rappel.  We are just using a 6mm VT Prusik (because we are rappelling on a 7.4mm rope).  The VT Prusik is tied in a XT configuration... why tie a XT vs. a VT?  It seems to release smoother for us after weighting, especially when loaded out in full kit.  Do we have any data to support this?  No, just seems to...  We will be posting a video on how we are tying the XT in the next few days.  Although it seems to take longer in an instructional video...that time is mostly us running our pie hole, the technique itself is pretty quick.  In the video we are showing it as if it is an unexpected knot...if it is a known knot pass, your XT prusik can be tied from the start and used as a  simple autobloc until you need it to support you during the load transfer.  As far as safety goes...the question usually is what if the XT doesn’t hold when you’re doing the transfer... haven’t seen this happen, but, you will only slide until the prusik hits the knot you’re passing.  Remember the choice of using the VT and/or the XT variation is because of its ease of releasing while loaded.

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