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Dec 30

Disruptive Rescue: Episode 0 -Introduction

We have been developing this for a bit... although the majority of effort has been taking place over the past six months.  We are not big on labeling or "coining" irrelevant terms, but... we felt this was different and didn't want the message to get confused or diluted with "other" methodologies.  Similar to Prolonged Field Care, is its own "thing", and cannot be described as protracted "Tactical Field Care", like many who oversimplify and don't get it attempted to. 

We are currently finishing up a white paper for publishing that does go into the minutiae and key performance parameters of Disruptive Rescue©, unlike this post or PodCast Series.  What we are attempting to accomplish with this podcast series is...

  • To set the stage for thinking about rescue differently
  • To show that rescue is not black and white - and doing things by "the book", in most cases, will not template success
  • To show that what we think we know about break strengths and rope system behavior...may not be correct
  • To show a systematic way to decrease the complexity of rescue, allowing critical capabilities to be integrated into non-professional rescuer TTP's.
  • ...and to show how to not suck at rescue

More to follow on Disruptive Rescue...

This series will be a conglomerate of discussions with various rescue folks, from various backgrounds.  The series will kick off with a two part discussion on data-driven rigging, anchor testing, prusik failures, and realistic SSSF evaluation with Tom Evans. 

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