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Jul 12

Bag Methodology and Concept- Build A Response Bag: I

I keep my “Build-A-Response” kit(s) & components divided into two bags - which are usually thrown in my truck.  These carry my 90% solution to a response or training. THESE ARE NOT MY “CARRY ON ME” RESPONSE or Mountain / Canyon Mobility / Training BAGS. These are what I build my “carry on me” bag from.  I pull my gear / components from these bags based on what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, and the context of the situation (fast & light movement, rescue - potential complexity / manpower / organic team assets / environmental pathology, etc).  So there is urban, canyon (dry & wet), mountain…with some swift-water gear sprinkled in....Although most of the gear we use is adaptable and can permeate into full-spectrum vertical utilization.  As far as the bag we carry the components we pull from these bags, we utilize an ass-metric ton of various bags of various sizes and capabilities…more to follow on that one… Here's  a breakdown of what's inside bag 1 of 2...

  • Primary Bag  Mammut Neon SMART 35L

Outside Bag (separate)
150’& 300’ - North American Rescue 8mm HAVOC Assault Rope


Inside Compartment
Edelrid Irupu Canyon Harness
Metolius Patriot 1 (Special order - 2 Belay loops) w/ Petzl Ring Open on Belay Loops
Edelrid Alpha Fix (30 & 60 cm arms) Lanyard, attached w/ 8mm Maillon Rapide w/ 2 x BD Gridlock carabiners
Edelrid Madillo Foldable Helmet
Gloves x 4 - 1x Heavy CAMP USA, 1 x Light CAMP USA, 1 x Light BD Belay, 1 x Power grab canyon gloves (rubber - latex sticky grip) - not for rappelling, for movement also for urban climbing
G-Form Knee Pads
G-Form Elbow Pads
1 x North American Rescue AVRR (Adaptable Vertical Response Rack) - Wrapped in Edge Protection
1 x Rock Exotica Totem
3 x RE Pirate Auto Lock (3-stage)
1 x RockO Auto Lock (3-stage)
1 x RockO WireEye Auto Lock
1 x Petzl RollClip
1 x 8mm Maillon Rapide
1 x Edelrid Spoc
1 x ARS MagnaPulley - 1 x w/ Becket / 1 x W/out Becket (attached with internal    magnets for double - or separated for 2 ind pulleys
1 x Wild Country RopeMan 2
1 x Bluewater VT Prusik (8mm)
1 x Custom Purcell prusik - Tied in Element Rescue Configuration
1 x Edelrid Aramid Cord Sling 120cm
BG- Gear (BluuGnome) Smooth Sac (LG) Pull Cord Throw Bag w/ 150’ 5.5mm kevlar cord
22’ Tubular Innegra Webbing
1 x Edelrid Elevator Ascender (L)
1 x Cadex SACH (Short Assault Climbing Hook) 4” - with releasable improv added
BD Aid Hooks - 1 x Grappling, 1 x Talon, 1 x Cliffhanger
1 x ER-S (Rescue Technology)
1 x 25’ Sterling 5.9mm Power Cord (Cordelette)
Dynex Sewn Slings - 1 x 60cm, 1 X 120cm, 1 x 240cm
1 x Edelrid Aramid Cord Sling 60cm
1 x Edelrid Tech Web Sling 12mm
Mammut Magic Sling 12.0
100’ Kevlar 4mm cord (urban pull line for toggles)
1 x Edelrid Bulletproof HMS Triple-Lock Carabiner w / MAGO 8
1 x CAMP USA 5mm Screw Link (25kN)
Anchor Bag (Full-Spectrum - Dynamic Movement) Releasable & Static Capabilities
Carrier = North American Rescue (NAR) Water Rescue Throw Bag
50’ 1”tubular webbing (stuffed)
2 x Toggles
1 x Seatbelt Cutter
5 x 8mm Maillon Rapide (Oval Screw Links)
11’ RIT 900 Loop / Sling (Frost Knot) rigged w/ HMS & 8mm Screw Link
2 x Chem-Light
Quick Connect Rappeller or Casualty for High Tensioned Guideline - DMM Locking Screw Gate Mini Carabiner w/ DMM Micr Swivel and Petzl RollClip, Connected with 2”  doubled Frost Knot (Sterling 6mm TRC)
1 x Metolius Nut Tool (for removing tensioned / weighted knots from webbing / pull cord) attached to NAR Retractable Gear Leash


Top Pocket:
1 x Edelrid Loopo Harness (Alpine, Low-Vis, etc)
1 x Benchmade 7 Hook w/ Sheath
1 x Edelrid Rope Tooth Knife
3 x Spare Rap Rings x 3 (Omega & SMC)
2 x Spare 8mm Maillon Rapides
3 x Spare VT Prusiks ( 1 x Bluewater 8mm, 1 x Bluewater 7mm, 1 x Rescue Technology 6mm)
1 x Spare BD Headlamp
2 x FOX Whistle
1 x Husky Allen wrench
3 x Spare Micro Chem-Lights
1 x Waterproof Insulin Pump Case

Outside Front Pocket:
Misc Edge Protection




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